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Ahtopol is a sea restort, based on a rocky peninsula in the lower lands of Strandja. The town is 86 km southern of Burgas and it is 477 km southeast of Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria).

It has 2 long beautiful and picturesque beaches, the 2nd one, which is to the north of Akhtopol being used mainly by nudists.

Long ago there was a greek legend about the goddess of love Agatha, who liked Ahtopol so much that she chose it for her favorite rest place. She calls it Agathopolis - City of Love.

In historic view: The town is situated over area, which once was a Thracian settlement (found in 430 B.C. and this was the city, in which Perikle established himself while conquering the Black Sea coasts).

Ahtopol was presumably colonized in the sixth century BC. The Romans called it Peronticus while the Byzantine leader Agaton reorganized it after barbarian invasions and named it on his own name - Agatopolis.

The town of Ahtopol oftentimes changed hands between the Byzantines and the Bulgarians, and when the Ottoman forces came at the end of the fourteenth century, it was named Ahtenbolu. It was burnt down and ravaged by sea pirates numerous times with the most recent fire being in 1918 when the town was been completely devoured. There are still remains of the Ahtopol's fortress and a fountain with a carved horseman, which are the only traces left from the ancient times. Because of the many extinguishing fires, little monuments have left in Ahtopol.

In our time there are left the church "Vaznesenie Gospodne" build in 1796, the monastery "St. Iani" from XII c., and parts of the fortified wall of the thracians.

There the sun rays are last longer than in any other place on the sea coast in Bulgaria and furthermore the water temperature is much higher - about 25 ºC.

The coast line that is covered with fine pure sand is 2km long. There are plenty of beautiful places makes the area preferable for the tourists.

Ahtopol is a great place for people looking for a wonderfully calm vacation. ). It has 2 long beautiful and picturesque beaches, the 2nd one, which is to the north of Ahtopol being used mainly by nudists.

The picturesque river of Veleka is running only 4 km south of Ahtopol. The river comes from the very heart of Strandza Mountain. The combination of sea side and river coast, the specific fauna and flora of the region are really impressive and can satisfy all the tourists eager for adventures into desolated places among the virgin nature.

"The town of love" - that's how the greeks in the Middle Ages called this exotic place.

Ahtopol is the most southern Bulgarian town on the Black Sea coast. It is situated both
on the Black Sea coast and at the foot of Middle Strandza mountain.

The cooler Mediterranean climate is strongly felt here and that attracts a lot of tourists into the town not only during the summer months, but all over the year. It is amazing place where everybody must visit and will love it forever.

The city is developing as a beautiful Black sea resort, which attracts many investments for new town planning. In Ahtopol everyone can find calmness and peacefulness in the cosy hotels and private residenses. There everyone can really rest and relieve himself from the daily work. The many little restaurants, pubs, and places for fast food will comfort the tourists with tasty bulgarian food.

The archaeological excavations in the region of Achtopol show life traces from different periods - the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Some very ancient coins were found near the town, including emissions, coinaged in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and from nerly all European countries.

The winter in this town is mild - there are only 6 to 8 days with snow falling. Fig-trees, pomegranates and olive-trees are largely grown in that region, as well as a special kind of a palm-tree called "Yuka".

The Assumption Church and the St. Yani Monastery are attractive sights for tourists coming around. In the afternoon and evenings, romantic guests enjoy pleasant walks to the lighthouse and crawling over the adjacent rocks next to the quay, beneath which one can see a lot of crabs and various kinds of fishes.

Some 5 km south of Akhtopol is the outfall of Veleka River, one of the most picturesque rivers that flow into the Black Sea, together with Ropotamo and Kamchiya Rivers. The outfall of Veleka River is barred by a strip of sand stretching from shore to shore, where many visitors prefer to sunbathe and swim in the river (much colder) and the sea. The village of Kosti, renowned for its fire-dances (barefoot dancers on glowing embers) is located nearby the river's outfall. Further south, vacationists can sunbathe at the gorgeous beaches of Sinemoretz, Silistar and Rezovo.

Prices in Ahtopol are relatively low due to the plenty of private lodgings and bungalows although some of them are luxurious family villas, set amongst flowers and trees. Yet these usually have to be booked in advance. Something that attracts many holidaymakers in Ahtopol is the highest number of sunny and hot days during the summer season.

The resort is preferred by young people, and also Bulgarian families with children and pets for the plenty of low-price accommodation in bungalows and family villas.