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The picturesque small town of Berkovitsa, located just about 75 km north from the capital of Sofia amazes with its tranquility and peaceful life. The town has about 17000 inhabitants total.

It's location is favorable- being so close to the mountain that keeps away the winds in the winter and keeps it cool in the summer heat. The city of Montana is only 23 km far. It is the nearest developed city in the area. Vratsa is a bit further but still close enough - 55 km away.

To get to Berkovitsa from Sofia you have two options- either from the highway- through the town Vratsa or through the mountain pass Petrohan.

The town has long history. It is famous with its ruins of a Roman fortress on the Kaleto hill. The famous writer Ivan Vazov had lived there for a while and worked as a judge in the local court. There is a famous story that he convicted a dog in the crime of biting somebody. His house was turned into a museum after his death and it is one of the monuments of the town now.

In the beginning of the 20th century the town became a "summer resort", attractive for people from near and more distant places. They were arriving here mainly for the mild climate with sunny and cool summer, curative mineral springs in the surrounding country because of the tasty and fragrant gifts of the nature - berries, chest nuts, and herbs.

Here you could rediscover one of the most beautiful corners of our native land, to have a walk in the century-old Beach and Chestnut forests, skiing or snowboarding on the tracks under peak Kom, prepare for himself jam from raspberries and blueberries, which you had collected by yourself and take away a portion of the fascination of this land incorporated in a small ocarina or a "Dyavolska kana" (A Devilish jug), the pride of the Berkovitsa's potters.

The largest part of the area is a hilly mountain terrain, very often cut through by ravines. The lowest point above sea level is in the village of Borovtsi - 250 metres, and the highest point is the Kom Peak - 2016 metres.

Besides all that Berkovitsa has at its disposal number of interesting spots that preserve history from centuries.

  • The Ivan Vazov House-Museum
  • The clock tower is remarkable for its solid construction and beautiful upper part in which the clock mechanism still works. It was constructed in 1762 and is one of the oldest towers in our country.
  • The town picture gallery.
  • The Krustev's House built in Revival style.
  • The Holy Virgin Church (1843) has an original belfry, wood-carved iconostasis and the "Golden Gospel" - an exceptional work of art from 1892 is kept there.
  • The St. Nikola Church (19th century).
  • The Klissoura Monastery St. St. Cyril and Metodius
  • Mt. Todorini Kukli
  • The village of Burzia - 6 km to the south of Berkovitsa. Varshets is a famous spa resort too.

The Municipality of Berkovitsa has a project for its future development and very soon it will turn into a famous tourist destination.

The expected investments which should be made for the realization of the project are at the amount of 3 118 000 BGN. But its fulfillment will definitely contribute to the development of the region and to the attraction of local and foreign investors.

The project includes the construction of an attractive complex in the area of "Kom" peak. Every fan of the winter sports and tourism will be able to use the ski track with the needed facilities to it, as well as the tourist complex. The main reasons for such a project to be happening exactly here are the local natural resources. There are ski tracks of good quality - an alpine one and one for ski-running.

There is a ski trailer available as well. The project will lead to improvement in the infrastructure and rational usage of the resources.

For the realization of this huge for the small town project, the Municipality of Berkovitsa is already making some improvements, such as modernization of the material technical base, renovation of the road network, renovation of the water-supply system for the region of Kom, purchasing of equipment for renovation and maintenance of the ski tracks, etc.

With this project coming true, the Municipality of Berkovitsa will become an attractive place for spa and balneology treatment, relaxation, sport and tourism with developed social and night life and it will be attractive either for local and foreign tourists.