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Dobrich is situated amidst the Dobrudja plateau on the two banks of Dobrich river. The population is 115 000. The town is 50 km in north-west direction from the sea capital Varna and 37 km away from the border point with Romania. Dobrich is a district city and the district includes eight Municipalities.
Dobrich is a center of the biggest crops producing region in the country known as the granary of Bulgaria.


The region has been populated since ancient times which is proved by the archeological finds of roman settlement dating from III-IV century. In VIII century an ancient Bulgarian village also existed at that place. The town arises in XV century as a big trade center. The busy food and cattle market as well as the dynamic trade of honey, bees wax and the logistic activities connected with it give the name "dry port" to the town. This busy trading center provides accommodation to the tradesmen in three inns. According to some descriptions, more than 200 pubs served food and drinks for the city population and its guests.

At the end of XVII and the beginning of XIX century a lot of Bulgarians from Kotel and Tyrgovishte area settle here. In this period the town is in the center of fighting and military operations of the Russian-Turkish war.
After the liberation it is a municipal center and is very busy with crops trade and foods. For the development of the town very important appears to be the construction of the railway to Razdelina in1916 and to the Romanian town Medjidia.

Since 1882 the town is named Dobrich. During the period 1913-1940 Dobrich is part of Romania. With the signing of the Kraiovski contract in 1940 south Dobrudja is returned to Bulgaria and on 15-th of September Bulgarian army enters the town. This is why this day is the official holiday of Dobrich. The name of the town is changed to Tolbuhin during the communist regime and later on in 1991 the original name is returned.
The town is connected with the name of the famous Bulgarian writer Jordan Iovkov and is a birth place of the actress Adriana Budevska.

The road and communication system in Dobrich Municipality is very well developed and is in perfect condition, providing easy access to whole Bulgaria. Roads which lead to the Black sea coast , Romania, Poland, Ukraina and Russia cross the territory of Dobrich Municipality . The two ports in Varna and Balchik are relatively close as well as the Danube river.

Important for the Municipality are the towns of Balchik, Shabla and kavarna.
Balchik is one of the main coastal towns in the Municipality. It is a small city located in the north black sea coast, distinguished with authentic ancient town architecture and beautiful disposition on the terrace shaped relief of the Balchik bay. The bay street of Balchik is surrounded by long street busy with pubs and cafes. The biggest attraction of Balchik is the Old Castle - used to be a living residence of the Romanian queen. Its botanical garden has great varieties of botanical species which makes the place attractive and interesting.
Two famous lakes - The Durankulak lake and the Shabla lake are also situated in the Municipality of Dobrich. A few very rare bird species live here. The only Bulgarian reserve which includes sea area is Kaliakra. It actually is a steppe without trees , cut through with sloping rocky valleys descending to gorgeous cliffs which hang above the sea.

Shabla lake consists of two lakes , separated by the sea with a wide sand stripe and connected with a channel. Unique representatives like the yellow rose and the water lily grow here.
Dobrich and the area deserve to be visited and you will surely enjoy a couple of days around!