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Gabrovo district is positioned in the northern central part of Stara Planina mountain and in Bulgaria as a whole. Spread on 2023 sq.km Gabrovo District includes 356 settlements, administrated in 4 Municiplaities- Gabrovo, Sevlievo, Triavna and Drianovo. The population of the district is 142 000. Administrative center of the District is the town of Gabrovo with population 65 000 people. The town is an industrial, trade and tourist center.


The climate in the region is temperate continental, distinguished with cold winter and relatively hot summer. The rainfalls are with marked continental character. North and north-west winds are the most often here. The region is marked as one with long lasting sun shine. The average year temperatures are about 10 degrees. The snow falls on the high mountain parts stays about 110 days.


The town arises in the middle ages as a strategic settlement close to the Stara planina Mountain's passes. It develops as a servicing center for the neighboring cottager's villages. This leads to rapid development of trade and crafts which are connected with the servicing and protection of the mountain passes like armour production, smithery, and others. The nowadays name Gabrovo is formed in XVII century and is connected with the Bulgarian pronunciation of the tree hornbeam which sounds like "gabar" in Bulgarian language.In 1860 Gabrovo is announced to be a town.. With the years it grows as a big crafts and trade center. The utilization of the water power of Yantra river has big impact on the rapid development of crafts in the region. The technique which harness Yantra river could be seen nowadays in the Etyra complex close to Gabrovo. In the beginning of XIX century more than twenty crafts are practiced here . The production is known and famouf not only in the Otoman Empire but far beyond it. The local population takes active participation in the national liberation movements. After the liberation Gabrovo continues to develop as the biggest textile center in Bulgaria. Another feature that characterizes Gabrovo is the distinguishing local humor. Gabrovo is said to be the Bulgarian capital of Humor. In the city you can visit the only Home of Humor in the country.


The district provides good prerequisites for stable economic development. The whole district is connected with quick and comfortable road access. This of course is due to the geographical location of the area in central Bulgaria. The nearets airport only sixty km from Gabrovo is in the town of Gorna Oriahovitza.
South-west of the town is the artificial lake "Hristo Smirnenski" which is the main source of drinking water for the city. There are a few on going projects for water supply as well.

Several rivers cross the territory of Gabrovo District.
The economic branches developed in the region are machinery construction, electrical engineering, light industry, food production, wine production and tobacco processing. The production base is well developed and maintained with good transport and logistic characteristics. The technical equipment is in good repair.
Several big textile producing factories are working in the region as wll as a few shoe manufacturing companies. Beside these a lot of private companies working in different fields are based here. The local government makes the best to attract more ambitious investors and improve the life in the district. From Gabrovo District part of Sevlievo Municipality is covered. One of the two natural reserves "Singing Cliffs " is located in this area. They are unique cliff forms which hang above an old beech forest.

The district is especially attractive for tourism because of the close proximity of the region to Stara Planina Mountain range, the fresh air, nature and historical sights , number of architectural complexes and reserves. Land Marks.

The town of Gabrovo is an administrative center of the National Park "Central Balkan" . The park includes parts of 4 districts and 8 Municipalities
The "Sokolski" Monastery is situated 12 km from Gabrovo. It is a place you need to see if you are around.Ten minutes drive out of Gabrovo the so called "Lilac" area is situated. It is a climate resort suitable for people with lung problems. Another place of interest is the area "Uzana"- this is the geograpgical center of whole Bulgaria and is located high in the mountains 22 km south-west from Gabrovo. A few hotels provide accommodation here and a ski lift services the place.

21 km from Gabrovo is situated the historical pass Shipka. There is regular transport to the place.
Other places in this area which have to be mentioned in this list are the "Gradishte" park, located high above the city among green pine forest. Ideal for walks and out activities.