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Sunny Beach


Slynchev Briag or Sunny Beach is one of the biggest sea resorts in Bulgaria. It is located on the South coast roughly 8 km from Pomorie, 35 km from Bourgas and 430 km east from Sofia. The resort actually takes the whole territory between the town Sveti Vlas (Saint Vlas) on the north and Nessebar on the south. During the years it almost merged with Nessebar , Ravda , Saint Vlas and Elentite. Lately a more mountainous village called Kosharitsa located about 1 km from Sunny Beach is considered as part of the ever growing resort.

Sunny Beach is located on a bay oriented to the East. This location provides more than 1700 hours of sunshine per year. Its climate is considered moderate continental with significant influence from the Black Sea. However the sea area is rather calm and has no high and low tides. The sea bed is even and covered with fine sand rather than rocks.

The average annual temperature is 13C with average summer rates of 27-28 C. The sea water is calm and warm with temperature of 25 C during the summer season.

The total area of the resort is 32 000 sq km and reaches up to the ridges of the Balkan Mountain. Being so close to the mountain adds a rather fresh air flow to the otherwise hot days. The beach strip is one of the longest in Bulgaria with length of more than 8000meters. The golden sandy strip reaches up to 60 meters in width in some places. The area has a number of natural sand dunes with unique plants. All of them are part of the protected area in Bulgaria.

The resort accepts tourists from May till October. They can choose among 300 hotels and private accommodations as well as a great number of bars, restaurants, disco clubs, two Aquaparks, surf and diving schools and many more.

An interesting asset to the resort is the eco bike taxis and the small touring trains.


The resort started its development in 1958. It was planned as a resting place for the national institution employees like Military, Railway Transport and of course holiday place for ministers. One can still see the old Communist style buildings at the southern part of the resort. Most of them are now sold, renovated and turned into decent hotels.

The area used to provide water for the ancient town Nessebar for centuries. Its wells were the source of drinking water even in medieval times. The unique combination of sandy beaches and mountains made this area so appealing through time.

Later on the resort started growing rapidly with plenty of 3 and 4 star hotels. With the increasing popularity came the massive construction of residential blocks as well as apart-hotels. Those buy-to-rent apartments were directed towards the international property market. From the year 2000 to 2008 the number of buildings rapidly increased to 300 and quite a lot more under construction.

Nowadays the resort hosts a number of Spa facilities, 5 star hotels, and casinos as well as one of the most luxurious clubs and disco bars.


The Golden Orpheus International Festival for Popular Song, the Decade of Symphonic Music, part of the International Folklore Festival, fashion-shows, various beach competitions are all held in Sunny Beach.

If you are staying in Sunny beach for your holiday you will most likely be offered one of the many excursions to the sites inland. However if you prefer entertainment in the resort itself then you can use any of the following - tennis-courts, swimming pools, bowling, mini-golf playgrounds, yachts and sailboats, opportunities to develop and practice all water sports using the services of coaches, facilities and equipment, horse riding with coaches, water slides, a policlinic, and several big shopping centers, clothes and souvenirs. There is also an amphitheatre with more than 1000 seats for those who prefer the cultural events more.

If you catch any of the taxis, auto trains or buses you will get into ancient Nessebar in no time. Visiting the Old town is an experience you will always remember. You can walk along cobble streets surrounded by old stone and wooden houses in the typical Revival style. On the Eastern part of the peninsula you will see the remains of the Roman fortress which is now partially restored. If you have time you can sit and enjoy our traditional cuisine in one of the many restaurants along the sea.