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Information about Smolyan
Smolyan is a town picturesquely nestled in the narrow valley of the river Cherna in the coziness of the Bukova Mountain in the West Rhodopi. It is 260 km south-east of Sofia, about 100 km south of Plovdiv city, 45 km south-east of Devin and some 18 km south of the top ski resort of Pamporovo. The town is a district and a municipality center. The Smolyan municipality is occupies the central part of the Rhodopi and a territory of 879 sq m and 67% of them are covered with age-old coniferous...  continue


Information about Sofia
Location: The district of Sofia is located in the northwestern part of South Bulgaria, in the foot of Vitosha Mountain. Sofia is the center city of the whole district, Sofia-city district and the capital municipality. It has been the capital of Bulgaria for 127 years and nowadays it is the biggest city in our country. It is also the largest demographic, trade, political, cultural and educational center in our country. Sofia has total area of 1311 sq km. The population of the district in...  continue


Information about Sozopol
The town of Sozopol is situated on the marvelous Black Sea coast, 32 kilometers away from Burgas and the International Airport there. The old and authentic part of it is located on a peninsula tied to the dry land with a narrow isthmus. History: Sozopol is one of the oldest Black Sea settlements originating with the name Apolonia. In 610 B.C. immigrants from the rich city of Miletus in Asia Minor founded a Hellenistic colony and named it Apollonia Pontica in honor of the god Apollo. Its...  continue

Stara Zagora

Information about Stara Zagora
Location: Administrative district Stara Zagora is one of the biggest in Bulgaria. It comprises 5151,1 sq km of land or 4.6% from the country's area. It is located on the central part of Bulgaria. The district includes 11 municipalities, along with 206 settlements - 10 towns and 196 villages. The biggest advantage of the region is its location. The district is a crossroad of the North and South, connecting North Bulgaria with Greece and Turkey. There is an airport near the town that can be...  continue

Sunny Beach

Information about Sunny Beach
Location: Slynchev Briag or Sunny Beach is one of the biggest sea resorts in Bulgaria. It is located on the South coast roughly 8 km from Pomorie, 35 km from Bourgas and 430 km east from Sofia. The resort actually takes the whole territory between the town Sveti Vlas (Saint Vlas) on the north and Nessebar on the south. During the years it almost merged with Nessebar , Ravda , Saint Vlas and Elentite. Lately a more mountainous village called Kosharitsa located about 1 km from Sunny Beach is...  continue


Information about Targovishte
Location: District Targovishte is located in the Southeastern part of Bulgaria. It includes 5 municipalities and their villages. The area of Targovishte district is 2710.4 sq km and the population is 138 160 people. Targovishte is a center of the district and Targovishte municipality, too. The municipality is located in the Eastern part of the Danube plain. It has area of 872 sq km and the population is 64025 people. The Targovishte municipality consists of the town of Targovishte and 52...  continue


Information about Troyan
The town of Troyan is situated on the rich, terraced shores of the Beli Osam River, in the northern foothills of the Troyan-Kalofer section of the Central Stara Planina Mountain, at an altitude of 400 meters. It is 35 km south of Lovech, 62 km east of Teteven, 70 km to Pleven, 48 km south-west of Sevlievo and 25 km far from the historical Troyan pass in the Balkans. There are about 26 540 residents. Thanks to its rich history and wonderful location the town is also one of the most preferable...  continue


Information about Tsarevo
Location: Municipality of Tsarevo is located in South - East Bulgaria. It is 65 km south from Burgas o the main road E-87. On the east the municipality reaches the Black Sea coast, on the west it neighbours municipality Malko Turnovo, on the south it borders with Turkey and on the north it is next to Primorsko municipality. The area is a unique combination between mountain, sea and rivers. It comprises 5132 hectars of land and has a population of 9813 residents. The municipality center...  continue


Information about Varna
Location: The district of Varna consists of 12 municipalities with a population of almost 500 000. The municipality of Varna itself comes to 350 000 and 320 000 of them live in the city itself. Varna is the third biggest city in Bulgaria and is also known as the sea capital of the country. It is located on the Northern Black Sea Coast 470 km east from the capital Sofia, 130 km north from Bourgas and 107 km south from the Romanian border. The town rises in tiers following the curves of the...  continue

Veliki Preslav

Information about Veliki Preslav
The town of Veliki Preslav is located in the valley of the river Golyama Kamchia in the south-east foot of the Preslavka Mountain. It is 16 km south-west of Shumen and 24 km south-east of Turgoviste. (Population - 10 650 residents, 120 m altitude) South of the existing town was rising the second capital of the Danube Bulgaria - the ancient Preslav. Now the area is declared archeological reserve. Preslav is a Bulgarian name that comes from "preslavan" (glorious, the most glorious). From 1878...  continue

Veliko Tarnovo

Information about Veliko Tarnovo
The town of Veliko Tyrnovo is attractively located on and around the historical hills Sveta Gora and Tzarevetz, Trapezitza and others and between the hills the river Yantra picturesquely twits its body. On the two banks of the river are overhanging the well known Tarnovo houses.The population of Tarnovo is nearly 75 000 people. Tarnovo is 240 km away from the capital of Bulgaria - the town of Sofia. A glorious capital of the Bulgarian Kingdom during XII-XIV centuries , Tarnovo has always...  continue


Information about Velingrad
Location: The municipality of Velingrad is located in the most beautiful part of the West Rhodopi - in the Chepinskata Valley. It is situated at 700 to 1800 meters above sea level. Its territories include 818 000 decars of land. The municipality comprises 2 towns and 35 villages. The population is 44 250 residents, 26 500 of which live in the town of Velingrad. The town itself is located in the picturesque valley of the Chepinska River at 750 meters above sea level. It is 81 km away from...  continue
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