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Information about Pleven
Location: The town of Pleven is situated on 150 m above the sea level in the central part of the Dunav Plain. From west, south and east the town is surrounded by Pleven Hills. The capital Sofia is 174 km away.Pleven is a District town. It is big administrative. Economic, cultural and transport center. Climate: Pleven is located in a zone with temperate continental climate with big temperature amplitudes. The average year temperature is 11 degrees. The water sources for the town come from...  continue


Information about Plovdiv
Plovdiv Location: Plovdiv is the second biggest city in Bulgaria. It is located on the both banks of the Maritsa River and comprises an area of 53 sq km. Plovdiv is about 140 km away from the capital Sofia and 250 km away from the sea coast. The municipality of Plovdiv is the second biggest in the country and is situated in Central Bulgaria. Its territories are part of the Upper Thracian Lowland and reach down to the Rhodoppe Mountain. The average height is 160 meters above sea level and...  continue


Information about Pomorie
Pomorie is a small town and a famous sea resort located in the district of Burgas about 20 km far from the city, 18 km away from Nessebar and Sunny Beach. Pomorie town is a seat of the municipality with the same name including 15 villages and 1 town. Pomorie has 14560 resident population and hundreds of regular tourists each year. It is one of the most popular resorts in Bulgaria and a mud-curing center located on a beautiful rocky peninsular tucked in the sea and the Laguna of Pomoriisko...  continue


Information about Primorsko
The centre of the youth tourism in Bulgaria has a name Primorsko. Located 58 km Southern of Bourgas and 446 km South-east of the capital, this town is the most desirable destination to the young people, and those who want to be few minutes from the beach in to the Satrandja mountain. The magnetism of the atmosphere here is something will never forget. Primorsko is a favourite destination to thousands of tourists who come here from all parts of the world every summer season. Primorsko is...  continue


Information about Provadia
Location: Municipality of Provadia is located in Northeast Bulgaria along a defile surrouned by cliffs from east and west. It is at the peripheral of Varna district. It borders 5 other municipalities - Vetrino, Devnia, Avren, Dolni Chiflik and Dylgopol and it reaches Shoumen district on the west. The town of Provadia is 435 km north-east of Sofia, 55 km south-east of Shoumen, 47 km west of Varna, and 17 km south-west of Devnya. The territory of the municipality is characterized with...  continue


Information about Razgrad
Location: The Razgrad municipality is located in the central part of North-East Bulgaria in the east part of the Danube hilly plain. The municipality center is the town of Razgrad, with population of approximately 39 000 people it is located along the bed of the Beli Lom river and along the north slope of the Razgrad highlands. The town is located about 60 km away from Rousse, 130 km away from Varna, 55 km away from Shoumen and 36 km away from the town of Targovishte. During the centuries...  continue


Information about Rousse
Rousse is a town located on the right bank of the Danube River, at the outfall of the river Rusenski Lom. It is 97 km away from Svishtov, 146 km north-east of Pleven, 105 km north of Veliko Tarnovo, 63 km north-west of Razgrad, 111 km from Shumen, 125 km away from Silistra, 197 km north-west of Varna and 305 km away from Sofia city. Rousse is a district center with population of 183 821 and 45.5 m altitude.This is the biggest Bulgarian port on the Danube, famous as "the Small Vienna" because...  continue


Information about Samokov
Location: The Samokovska Valley is located between several mountains - Rila, Plana, Vitosha, Verila, Ihtimanska Sredna Gora - 950 meters above sea level. The Iskar Rivers goes through the heart of the municipality. The area comprises 185 sq km land, most of it being hilly. There are a few hills in the heart of the valley. One of them is called Rido and is turned into a town park spreading up to the Dybova Glava peak. The location of the city determines the climate of the area - not too hot...  continue


Information about Sandanski
Location: The town of Sandanski is located at the foot of the Pirin Mountain at 224 meters above sea level. It is near the mouth of Sandanska Bistritsa. Sandanski is 23 km north-east of Petrich, and only 22 km north of the checkpoint with Greec Kulata. It is also 65 km south of the district center Blagoevgrad and 166 km south of Sofia. The population of Sandanski comes to 26 695 and is constantly rising. It is known as the town with the best climate and most sunshine in Bulgaria. The...  continue


Information about Shoumen
Location: The district of Shoumen is located in the southeastern part of Bulgaria. Its area is 3390.2 sq km and the population is 205 395. It consists of 10 Municipalities: Shoumen, Smyadovo, Veliki Preslav, Novi Pazar, Nikola Kozlevo, Kaspichan, Kaolinovo, Hitrino, Varbitsa, Venets. The municipality of Shoumen is situated in the central part of the district and its area is 36 027 dka. It consists of the town of Shoumen and 26 villages around it. The area of the town is 17 700 dka and the...  continue


Information about Silistra
Silistra is one of the biggest towns located on the bank of the Danube River and it's located exactly where the rivers makes a turn and enters the Romanian territory and begins the land border between Bulgaria and Romania. The town is 20 m above the sea level with more than 51230 resident population. It is located 125 km north-east of Rousse, 115 km north of Shumen, 96 km north-west of Dobrich, 150 km far from Varna and 430 km away from Sofia capital. Hystory: The settlement boasts with its...  continue


Information about Sliven
Location Sliven is located in Southeastern Bulgaria roughly 300 km east of Sofia, 110 km away from Bourgas - the, 130 km from the Greek border and 130 km from the Turkish border. It is located at the Upper Thracian Lowlands at the foot of the Sliven Mountain (1181 m) which is part of the Balkan Range. On the South and the East the town is opened toward the Sliven plain. Sliven is also situated on the railway line â„–3 and on the international route E-773 connecting Sofia and Bourgas. The...  continue
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